Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More to be Thankful For....

That we're not working for either one of these jokers:

Can You Write Bios for My Company? looking for 1-2 writers to write Bio's for entertainment clients press/media kits and myspace pages! You will be paid $50.00 and given credit anywhere bio is reporoduced, and asked to help out with more projects including Press release and more !

So, wow! If I work for peanuts producing bios for your clients, I can actually move up to press releases and "more.!?" Do these jokers not realize that corporate writing starts at a minimum of $50 PER HOUR and many freelancers command $100 an hour and "more?!"

And this person has to be joking, there's many funny people out there.

Freelance Researcher/Writer - Contract (Comp: $400/manuscript (around 2500 words), the more manuscripts the more compensation) I am a clinical researcher at a local academic institute. I plan to carry out several clinical researches and write up manuscripts for publication in journals, more than my own capacity. Hence, I am looking for someone who writes, edits, and compiles clinical research protocols, study reports under my direction. Requirements: Minimum 3 clinical or health related research papers published, in which the applicant wrote part of the study protocols, clinical study reports, informed consents. Also requires a Bachelor's degree in English (or related discipline) or Physical/ biological/ health science.

Why in the world with someone with these qualifications and education even consider working for a little over .15 cents a word - while not even getting their own byline?

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. I truly feel I have much to be thankful for. I will be taking the rest of the week off, so I hope to have you back next Monday!


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