Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pass This Along to Your Mechanic

When we tell people we're writers, everyone from our hairdressers to the plumbers and mechanics have said, "Oh, I've always thought about writing a book." Well, today, your mechanic can become a writer. If he has knowledge in BMW repair, pass this along:

BMW Auto Repair and Technology Ghostwriter (Comp: $300-$500/story, upon publication, net 30, via 1099) (telecommute) : current or former BMW technicians / devotees / experts to DRAFT technical stories for national BMW service publication. You don't have to be a great writer, just a Bimmer know-it-all. Topics will be provided. You will DRAFT 1200-1500 word stories on topics such as Diagnosing CAN bus problems BMW clutch repair Resolving shifting issues w SMG BMW Audio System overview This is ghostwriting, your name will not appear in print. You will work with an experienced automotive editor who can correct grammar / punctuation /continuity issues. What you bring to the table is BMW specific technical knowledge, experience, contacts, access to BMW information systems, knowledge of pattern failures & cures, etc. The ability to shoot MAGAZINE quality pictures using a tripod and digital camera to accompany articles can boost your paycheck considerably. Send writing samples and contact information, and a paragraph or two about why you're qualified to do this work. Unpublished writers with BMW knowledge or experience are urged to apply. Payment is upon publication, net 30, via 1099. Potential for 8-12 stories per year. Potential for "going direct" with the magazine in 6-12 months if you've got the write stuff. Telecommuters (anywhere) are welcome.

And, for someone with technical knowledge in ADHD:

Health-Related Writing for ADHD Web Site (Comp: Send rate) (Newton, MA) : are looking for health writers to develop content for an educational site for parents of children with ADHD. We estimate that we'll need 10 lessons at approximately 1,500 words per lesson, and 10 500-word articles, starting Jan’08 to be completed by March ’08. The audience is parents of children with ADHD and there is a robust list of consultants available to help. For more information about our health + science + technology company, please go to Please send your rate and a writing sample via email.


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