Friday, November 16, 2007

Plans are Meant to be Broken

Last year, I waited until January to start doing my 2007 business plan - and just as I got back from our winter holiday, all hell broke loose in my life. By the time I sat back down to my desk full time in March, my whole life had changed and I didn't feel like making any plans.
This year, I resolved to get my business plan done early. So, although I had deadlines looming this week, I went to work on it the day before yesterday. I outlined a new focus, something that will once again spark my writing passion and outlined a rough draft of my marketing plan.
That gave me enough energy to sit down yesterday morning, resolving to finish my current projects so I could get back to planning my future ones.
But what have I said many times here?
Best laid plans.
My last return call of the afternoon was to someone who I might work with on a long term project for at least the first half of 2008. I then spent the evening doing an outline of the project for him and his employers.
And no, that wasn't in my business plan.
Love it or leave it, that's the writing business. One day you're in a drought; the next your flooded with work. And one day you're planning your future and the next, something better happens along.


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