Monday, November 05, 2007

Sleepless in the Ozarks

It's that time of year - when you never know if it will be warm or cold. That, combined with the time change, threw our body clocks off as well this weekend.
"I can't believe we're going to bed at 10:30 on a Saturday night," my husband said. I reasoned we could go to bed early and sleep as long as we wanted, and with the time change, it would still be early no matter what time we got up.
While I appreciate getting that extra hour back in the fall that we lose in the spring, it plays hell with our schedules.
It seems we might have gotten too much sleep this weekend, as my husband couldn't get to sleep after we went to bed last night.
And, it was 60 degrees, which is warm when you've just gotten used to turning on the small oil furnace we have for the cabin.
And, the dogs barked and went into a frenzy when they heard a noise on the deck at 3:15.
When I got up at 4, I stepped in water they overturned racing to the door to bark at what turned out to be a box that the wind had knocked off the deck.
But the day is already starting to look up. My husband made it to town in time to drop a few letters at the post office. And, I'm well on my way to getting some things done before I start a marathon interviewing day at 9 a.m.
But whatever type of writing day I have today, I know I'll be ready to go to bed tonight - and I'll rely on my internal clock to tell me what time I should go to bed.


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