Friday, November 09, 2007

A Trip Back to 1977

I wish I could write humor as good as this. This is an example of how writing can enhance simple photos from a catalogue destined for the dump.

And, once you get a laugh over that, look at these actual job postings I saw this morning. It's pretty scary that people who don't even know how to spell common words fancy themselves writers and publishers. We all make mistakes, but just FYI, when the mistakes are in the job posting, it is a big red flag.
And people don't think the jobs on Craig's List are worth anything. Hopefully, they're worth a laugh to you today:

Journalist/Writer (Comp: based on skill) (Baltimore)
For New Magazine the Magazine will focus on corrent event and people.

This one is not only funny, the pay is laughable too. For $10 an hour, maybe he can find someone who can spell computer, but I doubt it.

I Need a Ghost Writer to Help Me Finish My Book (Comp: $10/hour)
I need help finishing my book a true life story the book is titled From Modern Day Bank Robber to Modern day Mystic. I will pay an hourly rate I have the speaking dragon program that writes what one says in the computor. I need someone with exp I am from NY and would prefer a person who has lived in NY.


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