Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rewards for Readers

Every once in awhile, our lives need a little shaking up to keep things interesting, and every once in awhile, our blogs do too!
My author interviews are the most popular aspect of the blog. I've been told I have good interview skills - and I do hope these interviews inform you as writers, as well as entertain you as readers.
I try to come up with 10 questions for each author, some unique to their particular background and genre. Sometimes, though, I feel they sound too much alike.
That's where you, the readers will start coming in.
Beginning next week, I will ask just 9 questions of the author. You'll have an open comment section to ask the 10th question.
I'll draw one and ask the author to answer that one.
You may also get to win a copy of the author's book, or possibly another one of my choosing. You see, as a blogger on authors, I've been getting a lot of books lately.
And while I view every book as a treasure akin to gold, we live in a 480-sqaure foot cabin - and have decided to remain here (see my green blog on "living small" at
That means I don't have room for every review copy that comes in the mail - or much of anything else.
As a friend of mine puts it, I'm going to have to thin my book collection, much as one has to delicately thin a garden - making room for more beautiful blooms - or something like that, you get the idea.
So, look for the new format on Tuesday and be ready to ask your burning questions of the featured authors.
You might just be rewarded with a literary treasure!


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