Thursday, May 22, 2008

Big Winner for the Big Book and Paging Babette!

The Big Winner this week was uncontested - c'mon folks, writers still read, don't they?
I'm glad that Suzanne Franco, who also operates the newsletter, Freelance Daily, which lists job postings and is sent to inboxes everday, won this week - she's getting married, so this will be the perfect book for her! If you're interested into checking out Freelance Daily, it's a subscriber service at I've always found enough work through the newsletter to make my subscription worthwhile!

Also, Babette, who won last week's drawing - I stil need you to contact me at If I don't hear from you by next week, I'll need to choose an alternate winner of the copy of Marley and Me!

Here's Suzanne's question:

Thank you both for such a fascinating interview. I got engaged on Valentine’s Day and I can’t wait to pick up your book.

My question is regarding the marketing of the book. You mentioned that Mindy is doing most of the promoting in the way of touring but I was wondering what, if anything, you are doing to promote the book online? Do you feel it’s worth the time and energy to use social marketing to promote your book? What about websites (I saw Mindy’s) and search engine marketing? Is this up to you and Mindy as authors is this the publisher and/or agent’s responsibility?

From Lisbeth Levine:

Congratulations on your engagement!

I think online marketing can be invaluable in promoting a book. We've been fortunate to get some stellar reviews from bridal bloggers, and I think they've helped get the word out. Mindy has added a blog to her web site and she blogged for during April (the release month). Email blasts sent by the hotel and by a local bridal publication helped sell out the author lunch in Chicago. Social marketing is obviously riding a huge wave right now and I'm sure it would help, but we haven't had a chance to test the waters. It would undoubtedly be the author's responsibility. I know the publicist sent review copies to bridal bloggers and is exploring ways to partner with various sites to get further exposure for the book. Any avenue that reaches your audience is worth pursuing – the work comes in figuring out how to reach your target rather than just blanketing the Internet with your message.

Thank you both for participating!


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