Thursday, May 08, 2008

Irreverent Freelancer Asks a Relevant Question

The winner this week of the random drawing - and a signed book from Jen Miller is also a name in the freelance world. Kathy Kehrli, the author of the blog, "Screw You" ( was drawn. Thanks to all who participated and don't quit entering to win - John Grogan, the author of the bestselling, "Marley and Me" will be on this coming Tuesday (and yes, he does talk a little about having his book turned into a feature movie due this Christmas!)

Kathy's Question:
You say that you're not sure you'd write a book about the North Jersey Shore because you're not sure that area would hold the same fascination. With your book being such a great travel-writing credit, if approached, would you consider writing about an exotic locale that does fascinate you but that you've never been to? Or would you consider such as prospect too much of a gamble?

Jen Miller:
Good quesiton. I don't know (anyone want to offer me a guide about such a locale?) Researching a travel guide is so much work, even if you already know the area. I think I could write that kind of book, but would it be as in depth as this one? I don't think it would be. I don't mind writing travel articles about other locations because the articles are short, but I don't know if I could sustain it for the length of a book if I didn't know the area.

Thanks, Jen!


Blogger Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

Thanks, Jen! Can't wait to read your book.

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