Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Save the Date

Now I know what people who write books are talking about. That moment when it feels as if the weight of the world is lifted off of your back…the moment your book is finally finished, edited and off to the publisher, only to be seen again when the proofs come out!
I did it, despite my procrastination demons, the summer from hell: which included a tornado hitting our Arkansas property, caring for a dying dog and loosing her and a never-ending workload (note to editors I am NOT complaining) – I finished my book!
Now I know why that fictional writer in the book “Misery” had to have a glass of wine upon completion of his final draft. I feel like having a whole bottle! With that weight off of me now comes the really tough part for introverted writers: the marketing. Never mind that I have a business degree, like most writers, I don’t like marketing myself. However, marketing is a very big part of any writing business.
No matter if it is getting queries out to editors to sell ideas, building relationships during networking or marketing a book, it all has to be done if we are to succeed in this business.
I actually started my marketing campaign upon completing a draft of the book. I located people who I thought might help in my marketing efforts by providing back cover testimonials and a forward. I contacted veteran’s organizations and started positioning myself to go to talk to them. In the process, I got myself invited to talk to 10,000 Vietnam veterans next summer at a Kansas rally. I also started telling everyone I know about the book, hoping to build interest and generate traffic to my website when the book is released.
However, all of that is not enough. The people behind the Guerrilla Marketing for Writers book gives a lot more suggestions and I would recommend that book to anyone who is marketing a manuscript, no matter if you are self publishing or not.
Tomorrow will be about the marketing. Today, however, is about the celebration, or maybe just some sleep (yawn).
But November 5 will definitely be for celebrating. If you’re reading this, you’re invited to my book launch party, where we can all party like its well, 2005!


Blogger Redundant Redactor said...

Congratulations on your book! I'm so happy for you!

1:45 PM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You certainly write well & I enjoyed the few entries/blog-logs/(?). Will look for your book when next @ the bookstore(yea!)
or library (boo....). l'd like to hear more r.e. logistics of getting published. Hope you & yours are doing well. P.S. .your comment about journals being one of few primary historical sources struck me. It's bad enough that even the "baby-boomers'' are historically confused by cinematic ''artistic license" of the 1930-50's. Then came TV.....

12:57 AM CST  

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