Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Best Compensation Lines and Update on Being Money Hungry

· The Michael Zavala Show needs a press release written. Compensation is a possible $20, with $10 being paid upon receipt of writing, and another $10 if the release is picked up by a news outlet. You will receive a minimum of $10, and a maximum of $20.
· Here’s from a reader of the blog: “I enjoy your blog. It is refreshing. I recently ran across an ad for someone to ghostwrite a book for $1. It was interesting, given the concept of the book is “Bullying in the Workplace.”

· The best compensation lines this week:
“Unfortunately, there is no expectation of money at this time. There's only the respect of your peers...”
“What will you get in return? My everlasting gratitude and the ability to share whatever you have on your mind.”
“Compensation will be discussed, please note though, this is definitely a working-towards-future-payment job.”
“A new website needs ideas about how to make money. For each idea you will receive $1 while for each article you can receive $5 to $10.”

And the winner this week is: An ad was recently posted on multiple city sites on Craig’s List directing people to a website where they could learn how to make an extra $120 a month writing articles. Once at the website, you learn that all you have to do each month is write 24, 500-word articles at $5 a piece.

An update on Supercritics.com, otherwise known to some of my colleagues as the “Money Hungry Writer Guy": This website was supposed to be launched in mid-August. After my exchange with the man purportedly the editor, who called me a money hungry writer for asking why they were not compensating their writers from day 1, a note came from the supposed publisher saying he had been terminated for his unprofessional behavior. To date, the supercritics.com site still has the web hosting advertisement and appears not to have been launched. Maybe there were just too many money hungry writers out there not willing to give a month worth of work to see how well the site was received before being compensated.


Anonymous minnesotamarv said...

Interesting dilemma . . . abundant talent and willingness to do the work, however, the absence of adequate compensation creates a vortex of frustration! From what I've read, it seems as if there is little hope of this situation changing any time soon for the professional free lancer! So what will you do? Is it much different than an electrical engineer working as a taxi driver? Or perhaps a politician working as a, oops, I forgot, politicians don't work . . they just talk about work! In my humble opinion, the talent and saavy of the professional free lance journalist may never be appropriately compensated. Why? Because there exist a legion of "wanna-be's" that will offer their services and manuscripts for FREE . . just to get their "foot in the door!" I speak from experience . . . more than a decade of writing outdoor articles for fishing and hunting magazines, with compensation oftentimes offered in the form of outdoor accessories and equipment! Very little, if any CASH! Ever tried to pay for groceries with a box of monofilament line, or an assortment of fishing lures? Ain't gonna happen! And so, for those who write for fashion, travel, or home magazines, I suspect the problem is similar! The publisher keeps the money, and the up & comer free lancers keep on filling the hopper with fodder, in hopes of peer recognition and future CASH deals! Perhaps the professional free lancers would be better served by funneling their time and energy into books, how-to manuals, or journals of discovery. Hook up with a reputable publishing house . . one with ethics and integrity. No more of the "work now - pay later" routines! Just a thought! What you write about, Kerri, is exactly why I no longer "contribute" to the game! It's more fun to make the attempt at a "blog" now and then, and not to worry about making a buck for my hard work and limited creative acumen! I guess I've simply accepted the situation as it is. I my view, the status quo will not change anytime soon! As previously mentioned, there are too many "wanna-be's" in competition for recognition and page space!

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