Sunday, November 26, 2006

Starting Your Career Writing to a Hotmail Address

Here's another start up ready to just give new writers a chance:
"Lifestyle Magazine for New York City Women is seeking new writing talent"
This already has me wondering what the magazine is called since both Lifestyle Magazine and New York City Women is all in caps. The ad goes on to tell writers they want pieces in all styles and subjects, but they mainly publish essays and opinion pieces. "This is for published clips only."
Made me want to go and hit send to the listed hotmail address.

And, writers, frustrated by the number of scammers, continue to post warnings on Craig's List:

This one warns about All Headline News, a frequent job poster:
This one warns of an ad calling for a savvy freelance writer:
And yet another warns of an ad seeking freelance writers/copy writers needed anywhere:

And this freelance writer's blog is giving 'em the middle finger:


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