Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's My Own Star

Here's what Judith Stock loves about being a freelance writer:

"I don't have to hitch my star to someone else's dream. If I'm successful it's because of my hard work and its my dream. I spent most of my career trying to fit into someone else's ideas of how the world worked. Until I finally allowed myself to be who I am and be the writer I was meant to be. I really disliked attending time-wasting meetings and doing the rah, rah team bit, with all the time wasting features that most jobs have attached to them. It just wasn't comfortable.For me, the freelance writer life is perfect, its how my mind works. Lots of ideas floating around, juggling several balls in the air, many different projects in a day. It keeps me interested, I'm always learning something new and interviewing people who also love their career. Who wouldn't want to be a freelance writer."

Judith Stock writes on green living, design and the environment.


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