Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Time to Announce a Winner

Kerry Dexter won the book, "The Time of New Weather" and won the opportunity to have Sean answer her question here on KC Writer's Blog:

Kerry: Sean,
This may seem a bit off the wall, but after reading your interview the
question that comes first to my mind is what part does music play in
your creative process?

who spent several winters in Taos back around 1990 it is an inspiring
place, no doubt about it

Sean's reply:
Funny you should ask this question Kerry, as the next novel I'm working
on has much to do with jazz and the jazz world, which is one of my
particular areas of fascination. So your question isn't 'off the wall'
at all, though I wonder what made you think to ask it. I'm also a
guitarist and songwriter, and music definitely influences me in my
fiction in terms of rhythm, pace, and the poetry of word use -- if I
can't get it to 'sound right' I'm not satisfied. I'll often work over a
passage again and again until it seems to 'harmonize' in just the right
way. Music also provides me with much inspiration when I'm stuck in my
writing, and sometimes exerts a seductive influence, distracting me from
my commitment to writing. It's tough having several great loves...
Especially when they compete for my attention! Finally the
improvisational character of jazz and blues connects to my Zen
meditation practice in a deep way, since the only way to improvise well
is to be in a state of complete absorption in the moment. It's
meditation in action. I practice this form of meditation twice a month
with my friends John Nichols (author of The Milagro Beanfield War and
The Sterile Cuckoo) and Rick Smith, owner of Brodsky Books here in Taos.
Both are fine musicians and in fact, we play at the bookstore, which
brings the whole thing full circle in a way. And of course I do my best
to apply this same deep concentration to my writing work (and from time
to time, I may even succeed!)

Many thanks! Sean

Thank you, everyone who visited and participated in the Great Summer Book Giveaway and thank you, Sean!


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Blogger Tina B. Tessina "Dr. Romance" said...


I love your comments about music and meditation. Do you think, as I do, that both enhance your creativity?

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