Thursday, August 28, 2008

Swan Song

I would like to thank everyone that visited K.C. Writer's Blog and participated with our authors in the Summer Great Book Giveaway. I would like to offer a very speical thanks to Suzanne Franco over at who so generously sponsored the giveaway in the form of advertising to reach more writers. It was a real treat getting to know all of the authors and read the great questions that reader/writers had as well. If you haven't received your books, I will definitely get them all out of my office by next week.
I've been doing this blog now for nearly 4 years. In the beginning, it was an outlet for some political/social columns, which help land me a paying column gig. I then switched the focus as an extension of my teaching and mentoring of new writers at Johnson County Community College - which eventually moved off campus and online.
The focus of my writing business has changed now to niches in business, pets/animals, sustainable/green living, travel and antiquing. I'm also writing a true crime book of shocking Kansas murders for a publisher this year and I'm working on another book proposal about our move to a 480-square foot cabin in the woods.
Since I last looked at my business plan for 2008, I've been trying to figure out a way to keep K.C.'s Writers Blog in the mix with the limited time we all have each day. However, I knew I couldn't maintain the blog with quality, frequent posts. My focus has to be now on the book and my other paying work.
At the beginning of the summer, I decided to send the blog out with a bang and give readers the chance to ask questions and win books.
I hope you've enjoyed reading K.C.'s Writers blog as much as I have writing it. It will remain up for you to read through the archives. I also urge you to visit all of the writing sites listed in the links section. They're great resources for writers.
You'll see an increase my posts to my green blog, to Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
And I hope you all will look for my book, "Blood on the Prairie: Shocking Kansas Murders" in September '09. Kansas not only has the distinction of having the first recorded serial killers in the country known as the Bloody Benders, the state has continued to spawn other shocking crimes - the Clutter (In Cold Blood) murders, Richard Grissom, John Robinson - right up to BTK.

My Best to all of you and Happy Writing!
Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell


Blogger Amy said...

Our loss, but your gain--congratulations, and we'll miss you!

8:17 AM CDT  
Anonymous Suzanne said...

Kerri ~ It's always bitter sweet to see someone spread their wings and soar! I really enjoyed your summer series and hope to continue enjoying your archives.

Keep us all posted on your book progress and all of your other projects ... big *huGs* Suzanne

7:07 AM CDT  
Blogger Irreverent Freelancer said...

Hi Kerri, I had no idea you were closing the door on K.C.'s Write For You. You'll be missed, and ou can bet I'll be watching for your book!

9:02 AM CDT  
Anonymous Smith said...

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2:09 AM CDT  
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