Monday, August 07, 2006

Build a Fabulous T-Shirt Wardrobe & Write About the Business of Writing (Without Pay)

These are getting harder to find for our writers Hall of Shame, but there’s plenty of “great opportunities” waiting for writers to write for free. And what’s up with these month-long “trials” with no pay?
·We need someone who can understand the market, do research, formulate helpful ideas, and write in a casual format. Salary position after 4-week trial of per piece rate.
·We are developing this magazine and there isn't much of a budget yet. Don't quit your day job. This is an opportunity to excel and be at the start of something big. If you ever dreamed about working for a zine this is your chance. Compensation: commission
·Now hiring good freelance writers for a large-volume online content project.
You must have previous freelance experience, high-speed Internet access, and the ability to research and write clean, easy to read short (400 word) articles on a variety of topics. Compensation: $3.50 per completed piece.
·Submitted by Heather Larson: There’s a new online travel magazine and forum currently looking for freelance submissions on topics ranging from romantic places and unique cultural experiences to travel book reviews. They're also looking for photos and longer features on personal travel experiences. They're paying in t-shirts.
·Also submitted by Heather: Direct Response Copywriter - The candidate must be experienced in direct response copywriting, researching and a testing process for optimization. This writer will be responsible for several core direct response and marketing campaigns aimed at both current and prospective customers. The ad then lists 10 skills applicants must have, more akin to someone with years of experience. The pay? $7 an hour. State minimum wage in the state where this was posted? $7.63 an hour.
·And a response from a fellow writer’s email inquiry about a job: “My problem is, quite frankly, I think this is a great idea. My problem is I have no resources other than exposure to pay for these NOW.”

And my favorite this week, just because I love irony:
·Columnists wanted to write about the business of writing (posted on a non-paying writing board)