Monday, January 29, 2007

Big Bucks

My mom always says that people usually aren't really broke when they say they are. "They have the money for what they want."
That appears to be the story in Philly this morning. It wasn’t long before a story appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer yesterday at about a new slick start up magazine that writer’s boards across the country were being filled with WTF(?) postings. Evidentially, this guy, Andrew Cantor, has a history with writers and it isn’t a good one. Cantor, who publishes under Bucks Magazine, has had to be sued in order to get him to pay his writers.
This new magazine, Mainline, is described as an art, culture and lifestyle magazine for the people of Mainline. See the warnings on Writers Weekly about his pay habits: and this isn’t the only complaint I’ve seen on writer’s boards about this publisher and Bucks. So, writer beware.
Seems although he is pleading financial hardship on behalf of his company, they still have the bucks to launch a new magazine.


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