Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ooh, Please....Can I Pay You For Work?!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for an important announcement!

A magazine called "Grand," a publication aimed at grandparents and their lifestyles, requires a $10 registration fee for all writers wanting to submit queries. kidding. They're charging a reading fee to be placed on their approved list of writers.
The benefits are truly amazing:
When you register with GRAND, you will receive:

Timely review and consideration of your submission or query
An automated response letting you know that your submission, query or registration have been processed
Personal password for submitting future articles or queries
Unlimited submissions after registering
Listing in our writers database with all specialty areas of writing for future writing assignments

This brings me to why it is great to be a writer, especially in this technology age. In pre-computer era if a magazine had snail mailed this to legitimate writers, it would have taken at least 30 days for the word to get out through writers organization newsletters.
Today, we can immediately expose these idiots for what they are: two-bit scammers no better than their muck wallowing kin, the reading fee agents, who tell writers reading their work is all in the cost of doing business.
Hey, Grand Editors: If you don't want to accept work from quality writers, why bother chasing us away with such a scam, just say "we don't accept submissions from legitimate writers, but if you're desperate enough for work, pay us and then we'll consider giving you an assignment."
Geez, this is worse than the "type-at-home" scams."


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