Monday, February 05, 2007

The Spot of Writing

Here's a good job opportunity for sports hobbyists who want to spend more time writing about it:
I just started up a sports news blog Right now Don't worry, these aren't lengthy serious sports article posts. They are mostly witty/sardonic commentary on daily news and happenings in the sports world. I'm planning on building this site to attract a lot of visitors and wanted to bring a couple of writers to do a profit share type thing. If interested, have some sample writings ready and email me with what sports you are interested in. Humor is a big plus. Interest in all sports is also a big plus.
Compensation: Profit Sharing.

The problem these people don't seem to get with these start ups when they want writers to share in the profits, is that businesses usually take awhile to have profits in which to share. In the meantime, a writer's bills go on.


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