Friday, March 30, 2007

You Can't Even Die of Exposure with This One

From one of the blog's readers, Carole Moore:

"Great work at home opportunity for students or Moms. We are looking for five individuals to join our team of ghostwriters. You will be required to write, at least, 10 submissions per week, 300 words each. Topics will vary. This is a contract position for writers of all shapes and sizes. No education required. We will pay $3 for each accepted 300 word submission. Please note: As a ghostwriter, the exclusive rights of all written content will be transferred to our company, including authorship. We will not accept plaigarized work or work that has already been written and produced by you elsewhere. This must be original content. "

Ok, so they're wanting ghost writers, so no exposure through millions of readers worldwide? No building of the portfolio for practically giving your writing away? Not even products - or a t-shirt for free?
I've finally found that dying of exposure is not the worst possible fate of a writer, it's dying from lack of exposure and forever wandering the shadows of published obscurity as a ghost.


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