Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Some Chicken Soup for Your Soul

Last week I featured the Cup of Comfort series as a paying market. I thought it only fair to give the Chicken Soup people fair coverage. Be warned though - your essay might be initially considered for a book title and you could even receive a contract. After that, your essay might fall into the black hole and your calls and emails will go unreturned. When the book title comes out, you might be surprised to find it evidentally didn't make the final cut. That was my experience, as well as at least one other writer I know. I eventually sold my essay to Common Ties. However, I do know several people who did make the final cut with Chicken Soup and they were happy with the pay and the byline.

The website has many titles they are cosidering. Here's just a sample:

Chocolate Lover's Soul: The deadline for story submissions for this title is March 31, 2007.
Christmas Collection: A timeless collection of stories that celebrate the magic of the season. The deadline date for story submissions is March 31, 2007.
Coffee Lover's Soul: The deadline for story submissions for this title is March 31, 2007

Go to the website at www.chickensoup.com


Blogger sylvia c. said...

I am exited to have found your blog. It is always exciting to meet a near-by blogger!

I enjoyed reading your postings, and I'm looking forward to coming back soon!


Sylvia C.

4:23 PM CDT  
Blogger Lisa Vella said...

Wow! I just visited the chicken soup address. Who knew there were so many recipes for chicken soup! Seriously though, thanks for the link! There are a lot of writing possibilities there!

I will be back for more of your blogs!

Take care!


9:24 PM CDT  
Blogger Irreverent Freelancer said...

At the risk of sounding too high on my horse, I'm against these kinds of markets. When you consider the millions of dollars the Chicken Soup people rake in every year, they pay their contributors pretty crappily. It used to be $300/story. Now I think it's dropped to $200. Shouldn't their rates have gone up? I submitted a few stories back in my early freelancing career and, like you, got a contract. Then I was chopped upon the last editorial go-around. If I had the perfect story for one of their titles, I *might* submit again, but I certaily wouldn't spend my time randomly submitting in the hopes of publication.

8:56 AM CDT  

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