Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tie me up and Hold me Back

My mother could go through 3-4 books a week. I asked her once why she didn't reply to one of those ads (then in magazines) to read and review books. She told me it was because they would send her books she possibly wasn't interested in - she wanted to only read books for pleasure.
I'm of the same mindset. This ad is just an extension of those old ads in the classified sections of some magazines:

"Online venue looking for bloggers to write 200-300 word book reviews. Must be willing to review anything from westerns to erotica in both print and pdf format. You will receive a byline and may submit the review elsewhere after 30 days. We provide the books. In the event we do not have anything waiting for a review, you can then review books of your choice. Compensation is $10 per review. Commit to 1 to 2 reviews per month."

Gee, you get to read crap you're possibly not interested in, then spend the time crafting words about it for a whole possibly $20 a month!? Not even enough for a nice meal out.
Tie me up and hold me back.


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