Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What Does Chopping Carrots and Freelancing Have in Common?

Lori Hall Steele explains:

"When I'm inside an long piece or an essay, I often end up doing these mindless meditative tasks, automatically, as I think and write and put it all together -- I'll go back and forth between the computer and whatever: chopping vegetables for soup, folding towels, wandering around aimlessly pulling weeds, roaming the house with the feather duster. It works beautifully. It's kind of like how thoughts come to you while driving, in that trance-like state.This is a huge perk of freelancing.
You just don't get to chop carrots at an office."

-Lori Hall Steele's recent work has appeared in Woman's Day, Plenty, Creative Home and the Chicago Tribune. Links:,, and soon,, a single parent blog-mag


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