Friday, August 10, 2007

The Best Laid Plans

As far as my business goes, I've had a pretty unproductive week - hell, as far as business goes, I feel I've had a pretty unproductive year!
We all have them, those days or sometimes weeks, months or even a year we would rather forget.
I came into January, all relaxed from a vacation here at the cabin (I love it here at Christmas!) and ready to hit my 2007 business plan running, but as they say, "the best laid plans."
By the time my mom passed away in February, 2 months of the year were gone. By the time we got our house ready for the market, 5 months were gone....then there was the move, the trip to Germany (the very next day) and then adjusting to this new life.
Every business move I make is usually calculated to my business plan - right down to the organizations I choose to be a part of to the continuing education classes I take.
I chucked the 2007 business plan a long time ago, and coasted on my wits and instincts this year. I thought, I'll just make up for it when I start drawing up my 2008 plan in October.
Yesterday I had quite a surprise. After being told I was undermarketing my skills (yes, this friend did ask if they could be blunt), it was like the light came on. I am! My marketing plan hasn't changed in 3 years and I've really aimed no higher for income.
It's August and the unbearable heat doesn't lend itself to thinking forward to the cold of January after the New Year when everything seems to start fresh. But the good thing is that this friend had more than a blunt statement, but also offered solutions to help me reach new goals.
I'm taking a weekend off of work (although I am researching a fun story on a new doggy daycare) and away from the 4 hounds to join my pals and my husband in the city.
When I come back, I'll be relaxed and refreshed and ready to start a new plan.
It's never to early - or too late - to start a new year.


Blogger Wendy Hoke said...

How right you are, Kerri! Have a great weekend. I may join you in that marketing class.

12:19 PM CDT  

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