Friday, August 03, 2007

Live a Litte, Learn A Lot

Well, the editor was telling the truth this time. The company I've been trying to collect money from did send my check on July 18 - although they sent it to the old address when I specifically asked him if he had my new one. The check finally arrived as forwarded mail on Tuesday afternoon.
Still, two instances of lost payments is enough for me. The check was due by July 1 and like the first one, I didn't receive it until almost a month later. Like everyone else, we who are self-employed have bills due - usually at the first of the month and I was really hoping for that check before our trip to Germany, not a month later. Pay on publication is bad enough, but when there's a clause that it will be "within 30 days of first publication" and it shows up in 60, that doesn't bode well for the company. Unfortunately, they will owe me one more check and the clock started ticking on Wednesday.
Thank goodness for new clients who all start with a clean slate. Of the three new ones I got this month, I'm hoping for a long, harmonious relationship - and as long as my checks are on time, there will be no problem!
Sadie, the rescued pit bull will be home from the vets this afternoon from her spay surgery and the husband will be home from his two weeks working in the city. We're looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend of home cooked meals (I fix one and he grills one), movies from Netflix and soaking up the air. It is hot and hazy here and I think the dog days of summer have finally arrived in the mountains.
After a nice weekend of doing pretty much nothing, I should be ready to tackle a new project for my third new editor next week.


Blogger Lori said...

That is SO frustrating! I agree. I'm about to start working again for someone who took six months to pay me and did so under the threat of litigation. I wouldn't even bother, but we're working jointly for my favorite client. Let's hope the jerk learned his lesson - if not, I'll drive him nuts yet again!

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