Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wanted: Someone with Novel Experience to Write Non-Fiction

First, for my friends in KC:

Freelance writers Needed in KC - Contract (Comp: $75-$150/story, depending on experience and the size of the story) (Wyandotte County, KS) : The Kansas City Kansan and GateHouse Magazine are looking for freelance writers for upcoming issues of GateHouse Magazine. We are interested in experienced freelance writers from the Kansas City area ONLY to write light, colorful human interest features for the magazine. Residency in and/or extensive knowledge of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kan., will push your resume to the top of the pile. We're looking for writers who can recieve an assignment and turn around an 800-1200 word feature story - along with 1-3 photos to accompany your story - over the course of a week or two. We're willing to pay in the $75-$150 range per story with photos, depending on the size of the story and experience. E-mail resumes to, attention Matt Kelsey, managing editor, The Kansas City Kansan/GateHouse Magazine. If you've applied for this freelance position, I encourage you to apply again - my e-mail server got trashed and I lost all the resumes that were sent in about a month and a half ago for this same position.

And now a riddle. What is wrong with this post?
Ghost Writer for True Story Crime (Comp: Will negotiate) Looking for a ghost writer for a true story crime novel involving drug cartel, kidnapping and murder. Would prefer someone with novel writing experience. Will negotiate price.

At least he's paying, but for what? Does he want someone who can write true crime or someone who writes novels?

And this one just makes you wonder exactly how much fun a cocktail writer could have:

Cocktail Blogger Needed Part Time Do you have an interest in writing about cocktails and drinking? We are looking for someone with funny, creative, hip, and interesting creative writing skills to post weekly blogs on our website. To view existing style and content go to this link. . Interested? Work from home? Email Eric at


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Angela, I am wanting someone to write true life experiencing novel on my behalf. This story is so unbeleiveable that I am sure it will attract the attention of many people.I am in hopes that you will considered this for me so that I may began the healing process and the strength to move on in my life! I have proof to the events that have happened to me, to show you that I have not made these true events up. Please call me to just be open ears to my story. (210)845-1403 or (559) 310- 0933.

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