Monday, December 03, 2007

Pinball Wizard

I'm not a gamer. The only video games I've played as an adult were when our two exchange daughters lived with us and we bought an early Nintendo with Mario Brothers. We figured they could entertain themselves in the summer before school started and they had made any friends.
But as a kid, I loved going with my dad to his bowling league on Sunday nights so I could play pinball.
So when I just discovered that my 4-year-old computer had a pinball game on it, I thought, "Now I'm never going to get any work done."
It's true. I have to regulate my play, or I would be forever trying to get that ball to rack up the high score.
I've had to develop a system and you know what, I think it's actually helped my productivity. I start out the day with a game, just to get myself jazzed up and then I limit myself to 3 more games a day - in between projects - and as a reward for a completion.
The lights and sounds and scores gets my blood flowing again, much as does the afternoon walk with the dogs.
How many of you use a distraction to ramp up your creativity?


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