Thursday, June 26, 2008

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The Summer Big Book Giveaway is being sponsored by ( a daily newsletter compiling freelance writing job listings in one place. I've been a member for a few years now and always find more than enough new clients to pay for my membership.
Since my husband and I were supposed to be on vacation next week, there won't be any postings. But the Summer Big Book Giveaway will be back on July 8 with Steve Weinberg, a U of Missouri journalism instructor and author of "Taking on the Trust: How an Investigative Journalist Brought Down Standard Oil."

And now, for this week's winner, Suzanne:
Wow! Jill, this book is going to be a blessing to a lot of people. I did not battle infertility but had a friend who did.

Hopefully I was not one of the people you mentioned as unintentionally saying something hurtful. I did always feel guarded around her and I had a hard time expressing my joy (and trials) about pregnancy and about my children.

She did eventually get pregnant and I thought things would be “different.” Well, she and her daughter left my son’s 1st birthday party after snapping at me, “Let me guess, you’re pregnant again!” I was indeed pregnant with my 3rd and I just stood there in shock not knowing how to respond.

I could see that she was hurting through those years but I didn’t really know how to help her and I’m betting your book would’ve been that comfort she needed.

My question is from the consumer standpoint … would a book like this be a well-received gift from a friend or family member or would it be considered insult to injury?

BTW – I took a quick look at your site Belated Baby and it looks great! The shirts are cute and I love how you’ve used them to help others.

Jill, I wish you much success with your book and a “thank you” to you and to Kerri for a great interview.

Jill's response:

Thank you for your response and question--and kind words of encouragement!

My sister called me after reading the book, apologizing profusely, worried, like you, that she had said or done something wrong. That's just the heartbreak that comes with the infertility territory, though. But Kelly and I DO believe that this book will serve as comfort to others like us who've been through it.

To answer your question, I just sold some books to someone who plans on giving them as gifts to three friends: One who's in the midst of treatment, one who's newly pregnant with twins, and one who just had triplets.

In the case of someone who's going through treatments, we believe the messages in the book will give them hope that there IS life after infertility. You WILL become a parent if that is your choice, whether through adoption or pregnancy.

The book is probably best suited for those who are about to become parents or who recently became parents. Since we interviewed 50+ people for the book, readers will see that they're not alone in their feelings of parenting after enduring infertility. In the end, infertility doesn't kill you--in fact, it can make you a more patient and stronger parent! It's a hopeful message.

Thanks again for your post!

Jill (S as in Suzanne!) Browning


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