Thursday, August 14, 2008

Joid- You've Won Final Curtain!

Sorry for the delay. Jodi is the winner of Richard Jordan's book- please email me at with your snail mail addres.
Here's her question with his answer!

Do you find it difficult shifting from one type of book to another? NOw you're doing mysteries--do you plan on trying any other genres?

I wouldn’t say that it’s more difficult shifting from one type of book to another, just different. I started publishing nonfiction with a book titled BUT DARLING, I’M YOUR AUNTIE MAME! That was very demanding, because of all the research and interviews project required. It was extremely time consuming––years, actually. And God, I was terrified of getting facts wrong! Although I checked and rechecked data, interviewees often had totally different recall about the events I was attempting to chronicle. To a certain degree I also research my fiction, but I don’t have to worry about a reader wagging a finger at me and pointing out a staggering historical blunder. (Although I misspelled the French champagne Veuve Clicquot all the way through REMAINS TO BE SCENE, my first Polly Pepper mystery! I drink the stuff! You’d think I would have known how to spell my favorite bubbly! WARNING: Don’t drink and type!)
As for any problems with switching genres in fiction, a good story is a good story. I started my career writing erotica for the summer beach book market. When I was offered an opportunity to pen “cozy” mysteries, I found it extremely fulfilling to knock a character off, and then engage my amateur sleuth, Hollywood icon Polly Pepper, to solve the crime.
I never say never, but at the moment I don’t foresee moving into another literary genre. I’m too busy fulfilling my publishing commitments, working at Disney, and I’m about to produce a movie. (Whew!) Although perhaps I should try screenwriting. THAT’S WHERE THE MONEY IS! I’m the only one in Hollywood without a script to sell!
Again, thanks for the great questions.
R.T. Jordan


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