Thursday, July 17, 2008

And we Have a Winner...

SHBueche is today's winner for Kathleen Reilly's book, "Planet Earth: 25 Environmental Projects You Can Build Yourself" Congratulations! I will need you to contact me at so I know where to send your book. Kathleen says she would also like to answer the other questions posed today, so watch the original post and she will answer the questions on the "comments" section.
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Now, here's the winning question:

Hi Kathleen, I am a member of Freelance Daily and saw your posting. I am
also a dog writer (member of DWAA, and a parent. I would love to
read a copy of your book and donate it to the school library.

My question? How do you combine your interest in rescuing canines with your
love of planet Earth?


From Kathleen Reilly:

Thanks for the question! I wish I had a really cool answer like "My dogs are
named Gaia, Eco, and Greenie" or "I taught my dog to pick up litter," but no
such luck (although one beloved dog who's no longer with us could clean up
all her toys and put them in her toy box when asked). To be honest, though,
I do think that it was my love of dogs -- since early childhood I was gaga
over them -- that initially gave me my love of the outdoors. Spending time
hiking, camping, exploring, and even just flopped down on the grass under a
tree with my dogs was my favorite way to spend my bachelorette years. From
there, it was natural for my interests to expand to encompass the
environment around us and care about its health.

What's more, well over ten years ago, I also started feeding my dogs a
natural diet, which led to *me* eating a more natural diet, which led to me
being more sensitive to the planet that provides that food to us. A funny
chain reaction, but true story. Which, if we wanted to get all philosophical
about it, is interesting because that's just like Earth: One big,
interconnected network of systems, a living chain reaction.

Thanks again for participating!


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