Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Signature Line

I thought it interesting that yesterday the Renegade Writer Blog also addressed how writers brand themselves, only Linda was writing about what to include in her signature line ( - or go to the link on this page). I had thought about a lot of ways to change/improve my business this year, but altering my email signature line wasn't one of them. I don't use my signature line if I'm sending a LOI (letter of introduction) or if I'm sending a query, but to colleagues and editors with whom I've worked before. My signature was long, it included my 2 most important professional organizations to which I belong, my book title, website, blog and email. I worked with it, tried some funny ones - none worked. I finally ended up creating, without difficulty, 5 different ones I can use depending on who I am sending the email to. My main signature or default signature includes my name, the line "Write for You since 1998," website, email, blog and phone. I'm happy with it for right now, but I'm interested in what other writers use so I'm looking more closely at my emails.


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