Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Like the Diet I Blew My Goals

No deadlines, no clients calling me asking for revisions or rush assignments. I was totally isolated in our cabin in the Ozark Mountains last week and with cold weather and no plans for boating, fishing or anything but a couple of hikes a day with the hubby and dogs, I planned to hunker down. I wanted to catch up on my market research and line out my 2007 business plan. What did I accomplish? Eating, sleeping and watching a lot of bad television. We did get the hikes with the dogs in, out of necessity. On Saturday, the usual pangs of guilt came flooding at me. I almost got up off of the sofa to get my bag of work which had been shoved under my nearly unused computer desk since our arrival. But another television show drew me in. Afterward, I decided to take the rest of the weekend (some of which had to be devoted to my semi-annual deep cleaning of the cabin) and relax and continue not thinking about work. Afterall, it's about all I do think about when I'm here in KC, so I decided to give myself a real break. And I think I am better for it...at least I hope so. I feel relaxed and ready to hit it hard today. Anyway, there's no sense in feeling guilty, a wasted emotion that has you looking back instead of forward. And isn't that what a New Year is all about!? Now, on to that business plan.
Happy 2007!


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