Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Barfing up a Lung

This came from a friend of mine yesterday who found this ad. He said he almost barfed up a lung when he saw this ad and I about spit out my coffee reading his email. He wrote:

"This is one of my "warning signals" for potentially headache-inducing clients - the bad ones always have spelling mistakes in their adverts!"

And here's the ad:

New magazine looking for freelance writer to write a few articles per month on magazine subjects. This is a startup business and small publication of around fourty pages to start. So both articles and research will be not be of much langth. Students will be considered, pay to be determined on experience. Please reply via email. Thank you for your consideration


Blogger Julia said...

Looks like they need to place an ad for an editor, too!


1:42 PM CST  

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