Friday, February 09, 2007

When You Need a Distraction...Get Into Your Writing

For the past three weeks I've been dealing with my elderly mother, who has pneumonia. Most of my days have been a complete juggling act between home, getting my assignments done and Mom.
It's a particularly challenging time because this happened not just when I had regular assignments, but at a time I'm also teaching three of my online classes. I had also signed up to take an essay class after leading initiating some pleas for the instructor to teach the class again.
On top of housework, laundry, caring for the pets and cooking dinners, I started to lose control of the juggling.
Last night, after another grueling day following my mother's ambulance back to the hospital and sitting in the emergency with her for nearly five hours, I came home wanting to drop. But knowing she was being cared for and safe, I needed to take advantage of the quiet of the evening to get some work accomplished.
After feeding the dogs (I ate at the hospital cafeteria and I think my poor hubby had fast food again), I wanted to keep on a straight course down the hall to the bedroom, but I turned into my office and got to work.
And you know what?
It felt good.
I had a ton of research to do for a project that involved a lot of calls and it really put me in a different mindset to get fully involved in my project.
If you're under a lot of stress from something, maybe the best thing to do is immerse yourself in your work. Completely forget about all of the other balls for awhile, even a good juggler needs a break.
As for all those other balls I have to pick up, I decided I am a practicing juggling novice at a carnival, instead of a pro in the circus.
I might drop one every once in awhile - such as the laundry - but I can pick it up and drop something else - do a load when we need some clean underwear - when needed.
I cant worry about the things I've dropped until I need to worry and I've finally figured out that's how to get through this circus of a life.


Blogger TB said...

Funnily enough, my best work has been achieved when I am under a huge amount of stress and with my back to the wall. Being under stress makes me more focused and helps me to concentrate more. I've never understood why. I work even better if I have a clock next to me counting down. The "tick-tick-tick" of the clock makes me even more faster, focused and inspired. I'm sure there is a deep psychological reason why this works for me.

If I don't have enough work to do during my stressful periods, I instead pick up a big pile of books and start to read, immersing myself in the plot. You can't beat a good book!

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