Thursday, March 08, 2007

Uh, is he Really Looking for a Writer?

This was posted on a daily e-job letter I receive everyday. It's so strange and creepy I couldn't resist posting it here:

"Female Writer Needed for a Book (Comp: $750/week) Date: 2007-02-22, 1:09PM EST I am not a writer, However I have a great idea for a book. I am willing to fund the writing process and share in the profits. The book is based on real life sexual experiences of a female. You will be asked to share some of yours, as well as research and interview others. I will pay a salary of $750 weekly until it is written, and then split proceeds 50/50. Please send some info about yourself and a picture as possible. "

One of the women who responded to the ad evidentally sent him a photo and he responded that it was very nice. The emails evolved into him admitting he wasn't looking for just a writer.
Not sure why anyone would respond to this type of an ad and send this creep a photo, but to each her own...


Blogger Irreverent Freelancer said...

Hi Kerri, wasn't this one of the sickest ploys you ever heard? It was so bad that I blogged about it too! What a jerk...I mean Craigslist has much more appropriate categories for what he was really seeking.

9:50 PM CST  
Blogger Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell said...

Yep, I thought I had heard them all! Keep up the good work over there, Irreverent!

7:49 AM CST  
Blogger Writer4762 said...

Total wierdness! Makes you wonder about Craig's list doesn't it?


11:27 AM CDT  

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