Friday, April 27, 2007

Medical Writers Wanted No Experience or Disease Necessary

Marijke Durning responded to an ad seeking a medical writer. This is the response she received:

"I have several diseases that each require 5 articles of 600 words each:ARTICLES ARE:1. Overview and Facts regarding the disease2. Symptoms & Types3. Diagnosis & Tests4. Methods of Treatment5. Living & Managing with that particular diseaseTOTAL OF $15 FOR A COMPLETE DISEASE SET."

The scammer then went on to tell her that he had a deadline for that very evening and through the rest of the week. Oh, and he could provide links so the writer wouldn't have to do any research.

Oh, and you really don't get the whole $15 as this bozo wants to pay via paypal, I'm sure he doesn't cover the service fee.

I would really like to know what these medical articles are for, as I wrote for a legitimate disease specific website and was required to supply all my own research notes and journal references.
This is not only a low job payer, the advice he is giving through these articles could be scary.


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