Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Blogging for Dollars

Today is legitimate paying job day on the blog and I'll use this opportunity to say I'm not crazy about commission based writing gigs. However, after attending a seminar on blogging this past weekend, I'm inclined to think this set up in the world of blogging is more the norm than the exception - if you're paid at all. What I like about this ad is that they don't seem to have anything to hide. They list all their contact information. I checked out the website and it doesn't seem too bad - if you're already an expert and blogging for free anyway:

City Bloggers (Comp: Not stated) (Various cities) editor@451press.com : 451 Press is looking for bloggers. If you have a passion for a subject and enjoy writing about it, we would love to hear from you. We are looking for creative people who really get blogging, enjoy sharing their opinions and want to be part of a growing community of like minded people. We are not looking for the next great American novelist, but we are looking for people who can put together interesting and engaging content. We are looking for bloggers in almost every subject. The follow is just a small sample of what we are looking for. We have an urgent need for the following City Bloggers: *New York, N.Y. *Los Angeles, Calif. *Chicago, Ill. *Houston, Tex. *Philadelphia, Pa. *Phoenix, Ariz. *San Antonio, Tex. *San Diego, Calif. *Dallas, Tex. *San Jose, Calif. *Detroit, Mich. *Indianapolis, Ind. *Jacksonville, Fla. *San Francisco, Calif. *Columbus, Ohio *Austin, Tex. *Memphis, Tenn. *Baltimore, Md. *Fort Worth, Tex. *Charlotte, N.C. *El Paso, Tex. *Milwaukee, Wis. *Seattle, Wash. *Boston, Mass. *Denver, Colo. *Louisville, Ky. *Washington, DC *Nashville, Tenn *Las Vegas, Nev. *Portland, Ore. *Oklahoma City, Okla. *Tucson, Ariz. *Albuquerque, N.M. *Long Beach, Calif. *Atlanta, Ga. *Fresno, Calif. *Sacramento, Calif. *New Orleans, La. *Cleveland, Ohio *Kansas City, Mo. *Mesa, Ariz. *Virginia Beach, Va. *Omaha, Nebr. *Oakland, Calif. *Miami, Fla. *Tulsa, Okla. *Honolulu, Hawaii *Minneapolis, Minn. *Colorado Springs, Colo. *Arlington, Tex. No topic listed for you? Suggest one! We have a spot on our apply page for you to suggest the topic that interests you the most. Please visit http://www.451press.com/write for details or http://www.451press.com/apply to apply now. If you have questions you can contact us via email at editor@451press.com or call (256) 534-5123.


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