Friday, April 06, 2007

Writing Gone to the Dogs

This one was submittged by my writing goal buddy, Heather:

"Looking for contributors to write high quality dog news stories and articles on dog health, traveling with your dog, dog welfare (shelter-rescue issues), training (all), agility, dock dog and flying disc competitions. Clear, accurate and easy to read style a must. We only want responses from those willing to research and write real stories with outstanding journalistic skills. No re-writing press releases. You must be willing to call and interview primary sources and conduct yourself with journalistic integrity. Our goal is at least one, 175-200 word news item each business day. Dependability and timeliness are very important. If you want to build credits and tearsheets this is an outstanding opportunity. Digital photography and audio skills also desired (not required) as we offer audio features in the NPR tradition (with video on the way). No pay to start but we expect to see the position evolve into a paid staff spot."

Ok, let me get this straight. They want only responses from writers with outstanding journalistic skills, who also have the highest journalistic ethics. They want someone who knows digital audio and video. Sounds as if they are looking for a recent journalism school grad, who would already have the clips to find a paying job!


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