Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A New Low Writers Wanted for 2.5 Cents a Word

One of our readers, Allie Johnson, replied to an ad on and received the following response:

"Job pays $10 per article (no less than 400 words each, with length determined by topic) plus $1 per topic title that is accepted by the client. (Client will approve your titles before you write, so that you will know in advance if the article will be acceptable to the client.)"

As is usually the case, this scammer lists an amazing amount of job qualifcations a writer would have to meet to make this princely sum....oh, and they're a start up. Well, of course they are...writers are usually asked to finance someone elses dreams with their words.

Allie blew 'em off, but told me it was nice to have some place to send these types of emails, rather than just fuming over them!


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