Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Skincare Writer Wanted

The skincare-news.com editorial team is looking for college-graduated or those about to graduate English / Journalism or other-writing-oriented majors with an interest in cutting edge beauty and skincare products and services. We are currently seeking a "Freelance Writer" who demonstrates ability to assess content by topic and quality, as well as to use Web-based applications. Media savvy, Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare industry savvy, interested in current events across broad range of beauty & health related topics. Requirements: • Writing is catchy, informative, and grammatically sound style • Sophisticated taste level • Finger is on the pulse of what’s happening.
See the full ad here: http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/wri/353773880.html


Blogger imroanne said...

Hi there, is the stint still available?

I'm currently a pro-blogger/freelance writer of two blogs, one of which is a beauty & skincare blog, www.vanityvibe.com

I also include beauty posts on my personal/semi-beauty blog on www.imroanne.com

Kindly contact me thru this email, roannevista@yahoo.com, if ever there's still an open position for me. Hope to hear more from you soon. Thanks! :)

2:48 AM CDT  

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