Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Freelance Wages to Start?

I'm not sure what this person means by "freelance wages to start," but I have a pretty good idea. Do these people attend a school where they're taught to literally put the "free" into freelance? And believe me, experienced pros who are transitioning into the online world need not lower their pay standards.

Part-Time Freelance Writers-Reporters-Editors-Bloggers (Comp: Freelance wages to start) A new website for people passionate about television and movies needs freelance writers/reporters/editors/bloggers -- in other words, ambitious multimedia jacks-of-all-trades -- to create, report, aggregate and analyze the latest news, events, people, and headlines related to TV, film, and the people involved in them. We aren't covering Lindsay, Britney and Paris. Others already do that, and we love them for it. We can link to them. Why will they link to us? That's what you're going to help create. It's a terrific opportunity for both writers and multimedia journalists starting out and experienced pros looking to transition into the online world.


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