Monday, July 23, 2007

When Real Life Comes a Knocking

My mom always said that solutions will come if you open yourself up. On Friday, I posted about the problem I had last week of my psyche still thinking this place we now call our home was the place we had created for an escape. As a result of it being too comfortable, I didn't get much work done last week.
Well, this weekend, reality came knocking pretty hard. On Friday afternoon, I learned a good paying and steady client was closing its doors. They emailed me to ask for my latest invoice and to assure us that freelancers would be paid for any outstanding stories.
I knew then the theme for this week was going to have to be some heavy marketing.
But after our water was delivered (yes, our water is currently trucked in as we couldn't afford a well when this house was built) on Saturday and we made a run to the big city to pick up a dog run for Sadie so she can pace her separation anxiety out in the yard instead of tearing my house apart, it was then on to replace the printer broken in the move, my headset that fell on the floor and broke last week and buy groceries - I got a huge dose that I can no longer treat this as a vacation. If that wasn't enough, yesterday, we received some figures on building the new house.
My marketing strategy will start simple - today I will be calling former editors and current editors looking for new assignments; on Tuesday, I will be writing queries and Wednesday and through the rest of the week, I will be cataloging stories I can use for reprint markets.
So, while this weekend was an expensive one, my wake-up call for my business was priceless.
Stay tuned, Friday I will let you know how my strategy paid off.


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