Friday, July 20, 2007

It's the Perfect Setting, so What's the Problem?

I have the mountains, the trees, even our own whippoorwill at night.
So, why couldn't I get much writing accomplished this week?
The problem with my perfect writing spot, I think, is that it might be too perfect. For nearly 4 years we used this house as a vacation cabin. A place to come and feel relaxed. A place to come and fish, write what I wanted when I wanted. I created the perfect haven for reading and vegging out.
Now suddenly it is everything our former home was - only smaller. It is bursting at the seams with clothes and stuff we couldn't live without while the bigger house is being constructed. Our tiny bedroom is now cluttered with a desk from the living room/kitchen, my office desk and computer, papers and files with no place to call home and clothes we have yet to buy storage containers for.
It's enough to make me retreat to my comfy chair on the covered front porch and read a book.
So today I'm looking for some advice. What can I do to put myself in a work frame of mind, instead of a relaxed frame of mind in my new digs?
I've already hung the "bill board," - the crafty creation my mom made me to keep bills in - above my desk to remind me I must work.


Blogger Patti said...

here from sue...

i usually have to stun myself into writing when i am too relaxed. i take my stuff to the local coffee house (so cliched i know, but effective). the noise, the smells, the watching people usually snaps me back into action.

but your place sounds lovely...minus the chaos!

10:57 AM CDT  

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