Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chickens Not Hatched Yet

This morning I was reminded why I don't want to shout my career news I mentioned last week before the chickens are hatched, so to speak.
Last week, on another project, I had what I thought was a great conference call for a project that would have taken me through February. I received verbal confirmation that I had the qualifications they were seeking and I was asked to make a couple of minor changes to my contract and send it back, along with a couple of writing samples so the other principles, who were not on the call, could get a feel for my work.
I received the research that was already completed and starting pouring them over.
When I didn't hear from the employers by this week, I had a little knot in my stomach, but tried to push that nagging feeling away. I sent a reminder that I still hadn't receive their signed contract and my retainer.
My confirmation came at midnight, while I slept, that for some reason, not explained to me, they were going to try to find another writer.
Poor communication on their part, I think, not to call me and explain. But it was probably poor communication on my part as well that I didn't follow up by last Friday - before I started working on the project.
So now instead of working on assignments already at hand, I will need to start marketing myself aggressively for work I had already *almost* hatched for the next month.
Don't count those chickens, writers, until the signed and dated contract is in your hot little hands.


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