Friday, December 14, 2007

Common Language

Sometimes you just need the support of your writing buddies.
Yesterday, I had some news about my career. I'm not ready to share it publicly here or on my writers forum, but needed to tell someone, so I relied on family and a couple of my writing friends to cheer me on.
I called my husband on his cell all day - no answer.
When I finally did reach him, he didn't even say "Congratulations."
He did bring me home a pizza and some wings for a celebration dinner until we can get someplace with more options.
But people in the non-writing world just don't understand what makes us tick.
That's why I'm so appreciative of my writing buddy, Heather. She got it. She not only said, "Congratulations," but told me she was proud of me.
Thanks for the pat on the back, Heather. My writing buddy is what I love about the freelance life today.

Stay tuned, because when I can, I will shout out the news here, too!


Blogger Life's Beautiful Path said...

Congratulations on your good news that will continue to move you forward in your writing career. I look forward to the shouting of your good news. What good news happens to fellow writers makes me as a writer feel like shouting. Please keep doing the interviews of authors and their books - love it.

10:37 AM CST  
Blogger Dawn said...

Hi Kerri,
I can't wait to hear your good news! I'll be watching for it. :)

And I totally agree with you -- my writer pals are invaluable.


7:19 PM CST  

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