Thursday, January 31, 2008

Book Publicity and More Submission Calls

Beyond the Press Release: 10 Exciting Book Buzz Ideas That Will Take You to the Topoffers
10 foolproof – yet practical – ideas you can use to get publicity for yourbook. The ideas can be used for all types of books, whether they have been availablefor weeks, months or even years, to generate free media exposure.To get the free special report, go to

THE EARLY ONSET PROJECT SUBMISSIONS AND CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT (No Entry Fee)The Early Onset Project seeks true stories about persons with early-onsetAlzheimer’s. Early-onset Alzheimer’s or early-onset dementia develops in a personwho is younger than age 65. Entries should be compelling slice-of-life stories that show how early-onsetAlzheimer’s or a related dementia has affected you or someone close to you. Authorsof stories selected for the collection will receive a free copy of the publication.No other payment will be made. Stories submitted for The Early Onset Project areautomatically entered into a contest. First Prize - $100Second Prize - $50Third Prize – $25Honorable Mention – $10 For a sample story and more information, please visit the Early Onset Project pageon my website at

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Getting In…to College
Release Date: October 2008 There are over 3 million graduating high school seniors each year and more than half of them apply to college. These days, colleges are deluged with applications and the college application process has become the most traumatic thing that most of theses students and their parents have ever experienced. There are many books published on how to get into college. Our book will be one of the only ones out there that provides emotional, not tactical, support.Our market for this book is 10th, 11th, and 12th graders and their parents, meaning a target audience of more than five million kids and at least that many parents the day we publish. Chapters will include the following topics:• Do I Want to Go to College?• Parental Pressure • Self Image• Competing with Friends• Regrets over Past Grades/Performance• SATs and ACTs – Living through Them• Sports and Coaches• Great Essays• Waiting• Waitlisted and Deferred• Disappointments• Preparing to Leave the NestStories must be true (non-fiction), written in first person, and 1,000 words or less. Stories should make readers laugh, cry or sigh, and be positive, universal and non-controversial. Also, the "point" or "message" should be evident without preaching. No essays, commentaries, tributes, philosophical or biographical pieces will be accepted. Please refer to other Chicken Soup books to better understand our story-telling style.You may submit more than one story. For each story selected, a 50-word biography will be included about the contributor and a permission fee of $200 per story will be paid within 30 days upon publicationPlease submit stories through our website at The tentative submission deadline is April 30, 2008, but please note that this deadline may adjust, so the sooner, the better!


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