Thursday, July 10, 2008

Najua Takes on the Trust

And our winning question this week was posted by Najua! I need you to contact me at within the next week Najua, so I know where to send your book!

Hi Steve,

How long did it take you to complete the research for the book and then how long did it take you to complete a first draft and the subsequent revisions until the final draft?

Thank you.

From Steve:

Thank you for the question, Najua.

Because I have chosen to earn most of my living as a book author and magazine feature writer, I usually juggle several journalism projects, with a book always in the mix. For most of my books, I need to receive an advance to make my life work financially. That means between six months and a year researching/writing the book proposal, with regular feedback from my literary agent. After I receive a book contract, my research, writing and rewriting generally take about five years. That is partly because I select topics that require depth and breadth, partly because I'm methodical (some might say "slow"), partly because I seek editors who will provide lots of valuable feedback, which usually means extensive rewriting bolstered by additional research. During those three to five years, some days are devoted mostly to magazine features and book reviews, to generate cash flow. Whenever possible, I propose magazine features and book reviews related to my own book in progress.

I hope this addresses your question adequately. Again, thank you.


Anonymous Najua said...

Thank you Steve! Your answer was more than adequate. I'm very much looking forward to reading your book.

And thanks so much Kerri for the opportunity to get my question answered and win Steve's book.

3:48 PM CDT  

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