Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Chief Executive Blogger (CEB) and Writer Wanted for Labor of Love

To the novice writer, this might look like a great opportunity, selling what you love to write or have an expertise in and actually being paid. Here’s an ad I found on Craig’s List:

AC is looking for writers to contribute articles, essays, interviews, videos and more. You chose the topic and submit for publication online.

These online content sites buy your work, typically for very low pay and turn around and sell them to companies. I went to the website in this ad, where you really have to dig to find out how this works. The pay is terrible. $3- $20 per piece and you’re selling all rights. Seller beware.

Here’s the excuse of the week that you, as a writer, could give your creditors who want their money.

A new travel website is seeking photos and articles. The pay?
“Sorry, no pay, this is still a labor of love. We'll send you a t-shirt if your article is chosen for publication.”

So, tell your creditors that you are working on a labor of love, but they can have the t-shirt if they like.

And there’s a new category of writer these days – CEB’s or Chief Executive Bloggers. Sounds pretty important, I was wondering if it came with one of those big corner offices, leather chairs and a hefty parachute should the company go under. It’s a safe bet the company will probably go under, but your compensation for being the CEB is $5 per accepted entry. Hardly enough for a Starbucks.


Blogger Irreverent Freelancer said...

Gotta love the creative strategies Craigslist posters come up with to avoid paying people! The really said part is that there are a whole lot of "writers" who jump at these jobs.

5:45 PM CST  
Blogger Irreverent Freelancer said...

That should have been "sad," not "said"--that'll teach me to proofread my own stuff before clicking send.

5:46 PM CST  

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