Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Career Lows

Everyone has them, no matter what career path you've chosen, and whenever you're in them, it is hard to see the good things about your career or remember that this too, shall pass. I really haven't got a lot to complain about (with the exception of huge monies owed to me that wasn't in my week's worth of mail when I got around to checking it yesterday), but I just feel a little lost in space right now.
I told my goal buddy it is like I'm just floating around in a black hole, not really sure of my destination or how I will get to where I want to be. Every once in awhile I bump into an asteroid (work), some are bigger than others, but I eventually bounce off and go gack to wandering the universe. What I'm looking for, of that, I'm sure. Enough of those asteroids to keep us comfortable, build up my cash reserves again and pay off some debt. It seems, though, when clients do pay on time, it is just enough to hold the line. It is this that is hindering me even in writing my 2007 goals and business plan.
It didn't help when I decided to take a peek at my local Craig's List yesterday. I know I shouldn't do this when I'm in a mood, but here's what I found:

CELEBRITY GOSSIP REPORTER We’re looking for soulless people with a passion for writing and a willingness to report on the latest celebrity muckity muck. It helps if you’re not ashamed to write about Angelina Jolie’s affinity for foreign babies. I know I would be.
To apply, send us an e-mail telling us about yourself, along with some relevant writing samples. Applications without writing samples will not be considered.

Baseball bloggers
We work on an ad revenue share, meaning you will split ad revenue with the other 29 writers on the site. It'll take a while for cash to come in, so we're really looking for someone who wants to write because they enjoy it, the money, however large or small it is, should kind of be a bonus."

In an article in Writers Weekly last week, writer Katharine Swan says that she was tempted to goad a scammer in emails (I've been there, done that) but she allowed her senses to rule her fingers on the keyboard. Katharine comes to the conclusion that society supports low paying writing jobs. There's limitless scammers who demand writers for $5 an article and sadly, there seems to be a limitless supply of writers who will do it.
See the full article here:

Incidentally, after being accused of unprofessional behavior and "goading" the last scammer into a confrontation by people who read my blog entries on the term paper miller, my email to the above simply read: "I would like to understand the business model you are using that asks writers to use their talents for you for free."

I didn't get a response.


Blogger Grace Talusan said...

Just wanted to say I appreciate your writing and work you're doing. I liked your entry about having the courage to leave your secure job and start this small business. I'm trying to get freelance work myself and can empathize with the challenge. . . Just wanted to send my support!

4:34 PM CST  

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