Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm in the Money Now

If you look at Craig's List, have you ever noticed that the scammers pretty much stay away from the postings in the largest cities? They usually go toward the rural states and smaller, Midwestern cities. I guess we're more stupid out here in the sticks.
It doesn't take long to find one if you go to the Kansas City site on a daily basis. I did that this morning and after clicking on the link to the following post, it finally hit me - what I had been doing wrong all of these years of freelancing - I wasn't paying a work-at-home scammer $50 for information on how to get bogus type-at-home jobs. Hit myself upside the head! And all this time I could have been earning a fortune answering ads such as this:

"Are you searching for a job that makes you happy, and one that you can make plenty of money doing? I think I have the job for you. All you need to do is display your skills as a writer/editor with forms of data, and then watch the response overflow...
Pleased to have you on board.
You’re in the money now."

I clicked on the site and this scammer tells the story (posted with a January 9 date) of how just a few weeks ago, his neighbor, Sarah, came over to his house, upset over her family's financial position. She demanded from the scammer to know how he stays at home and affords his lifestyle.
Typing and entering data at home, of course!
But shhhhh....he's never shared this information with anyone before. And for just $49.95, you too can know the secrets of living the life of ease and just like both he and Sarah, gets to take dream vacations and have expensive cars in the drive.
If you haven't caught the scam just yet, pay attention to the several holes in his story. First, this is dated with today's date, in the dead of winter. He tells his readers several times this was only a "few weeks ago," but then says it was "last summer." Next, if this was only several weeks ago, how in the world could Sarah already be taking dream vacations and living the life of ease, working only a few minutes a day for a grand lifestyle?
Come on, people.
Type at Home scams are supposed to be banned from Craig's List, so I took pleasure in flagging the ad.


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