Friday, January 05, 2007

What You Write in Vegas....

will probably stay there if you decide to take on this writing gig:

"Seeking local "experts" to author sections of Las Vegas travel guide. Looking for experts in: gaming, entertainment, events, attractions, shopping, golf, restaurants, spas and weddings.
Location: Vegas
Compensation: 2 cents per word + regular updates"
A whole 2 cents per word!? I made more than $10 gambling on our one and only trip to Sin City - the one we considered our Family Trip From Hell that about every family endures sometime in their lives!
First, a hotel staffer at The Excalibur (the newest hotel at the time) told us the Hard Rock Cafe was within walking distance on a 110 degree day. After starting to see mirages in the desert, we stopped at a liquor store midway and hailed a cab.
My mother was mugged in a downtown casino, we all got sick from one of those famous cheap buffets and our tour bus broke down in the middle of the desert on the way to see the damn dam. Finally, our flight out was experiencing engine problems, which is just lovely for me and my mother, who both have a fear of flying. We finally arrived home at 1 a.m, tired and broke because Mom lost nearly everything in the robbery and everyone else had lost their gambling limit.
Still, I would rather repeat that trip 100 times than write a 500 word article for 2 cents a word, or a whole ten bucks.
At least its a sure bet I would have a memorable experience.


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